Cost Comparison of House Calls

The primary difference in the cost of a housecall visit is the “housecall fee” or travel fee component that a mobile veterinarian includes in the examination charge to come to your home. It provides the convenience of a vet coming directly to your house and putting both you and your pet at ease. Otherwise, charges for exams, vaccines, lab tests and other veterinary services are reasonably comparable but may still be more expensive than actually visiting a vet hospital.

General Fees

Service Fee
Visit/Examination of One Pet $120-160 depending on zone and distance travelled.
Additional Pet Examination/s $60-90 depending on complexity and time.
Vaccinations Range from $129 for C3 or F3 up to $139 for C5 or F5. Feline FIV and Tetanus vaccinations etc incur additional charges
Euthanasia $295 to $455 (Dependent on size and weight). All pets are sedated first.  See
Cremation Can be arranged through Lawnswood Pet Crematorium and Passing Paws Pet Cremations.
Burial Can be arranged through Lawnswood Pet Crematorium.
Transport for Cremation or Burial Zone and travel-dependent but generally around $140-$160
Weekends and After Hours Surcharges may be applied to calls outside of normal consultation hours – please enquire when making booking.

Travel Surcharge Fees

1-30km $0
30-40km $20
40-50km $40
50-60km $80
60-70km $150
70-80km $190
More than 80km By arrangement

If you have questions about other fees, please don’t hesitate to phone or email. Fees can also be discussed at the time of the home visit, and an estimate can be provided before services are performed.


We accept cash, cheque or credit card payment – VISA, Mastercard. Full payment is required at the time of the house call, unless prior arrangements have been made. A current photo identification driver’s licence may be required if paying by cheque.

Area of operation

Standard area of operation. View pricing.